Imposter to Authentic Workshop

A four hour, self-paced workshop to help you reconnect with you.

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We are excited to bring you a watch-on-demand version of our fantastic 4-hour Imposter to Authentic workshop.

Feeling like an imposter and want a starting point to consider how to boost confidence, realign with you and understand your next step?

This is an action-based workshop, with a veterinary professional audience in mind. It includes a variety of reflective exercises and toolkit items so that you can lean into what works for you. We are all indvidual, right?

This is facilitated by Vet Empowered founders, Katie and Claire. Katie has spoken globally on this topic, as well as being a certified coach and undergoing a Masters Degree in Wellbeing. Claire brings her skills not only as an experienced, certified coach, but as a certified breathwork and meditation teacher. Find out more about us here.

What is covered in this 4hour power session?

  • What is imposter phenomenon
  • The five types of imposter pressure
  • Understand our somatic experiences of imposterism
  • To describe when imposter thoughts might arise for you
  • To re-define confidence and how to build it
  • The starting steps of what's important to you
  • To create a toolkit for you, as an individual
  • Lots of opportunities to reflect
  • List further resources and signpost additional support
How do you roll at Vet Empowered?
A little about our ethos:
  • Bring curiosity rather than criticism
  • This is a safe space, please maintain confidentiality
  • This is a judgement free zone (including to ourselves)
  • Let's use this as an empowering time!
  • Kindness always wins, especially to ourselves.
  • You are a valuable, one-off, unique human that is worth getting to know.
  • We really believe in seeking and signposting additional support where necessary and we'll explain this throughout.
  • If at any point, anything feels uncomfortable or doesn't feel right for you, we will always suggest to stop or slow down.
Do I need to prepare anything?

Not at all, just come with a pen and paper, and we'd suggest finding somewhere quiet to watch. Get your comfies on, and your refreshments of choice. We give plenty of breaks and opportunities to reflect with prompts for you to think about. We'll also be holding some short meditations, and Claire will be demonstrating some breathwork techniques - she will give appropriate disclaimers and warnings at the time as to where these may be appropriate.

What did the live guests say?

"Thank you so much Katie and Claire, so incredibly inspiring!!"

"I really feel like this helped me to understand myself better in just a short period of time!"

"I have such a list of actionable steps and I just know this will make a difference to me"

"I love how kind, pragmatic and realistic you are in encouraging people to find paths that work for them, and lots of actionable points along the way"

This session counts as 4hours of non-clinical CPD in the UK, provided that it fits with your 1CPD aims and that you reflect appropriately.


Your Instructor

Vet Empowered
Vet Empowered

Katie Ford and Claire Grigson, co-founders of Vet Empowered, a personal development platform for veterinary professionals.

Course Curriculum

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For your safety and reassurement we always explain the following:
This workshop is not a replacement for therapy, counselling or individual coaching work. Any actions taken are the responsibility of the viewer and rely on them making a judgement on the appropriateness of trying anything talked about in this course at their own personal risk, knowing their own individual circumstances. If any doubt or existing ongoing counselling or therapy, we'd suggest contacting a medical professional before trying the techniques listed. Content in the webinar is for educational purposes and is a suggestion only, the timescale is also a suggestion. Results are not promised not guaranteed, every individual is different. At Vet Empowered we'd always suggest discussing individual circumstances and seeking support as and when needed.

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